Pavilions Giant Snowglobe Uxbridge

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Pavilions Giant Snowglobe Uxbridge

Snowglobe Experience 2015 at The Pavilions

Pavilions Giant Snowglobe UxbridgeOne of our most popular events EVER, the month-long Snowglobe Experience event that we ran at The Pavilions in 2015 attracted over 2,100 groups!

Customers came from miles around to experience the inflatable snow globe and for a free event it was an amazing success that exceeded all expectations. Our team was congratulated for going above and beyond to make it a magical experience for all the groups that came through.

Compared to one of our regular snowglobe events, The Pavilions saw an average of 30% more groups per day through their snowglobe, a great testament to how effective our snowglobes are and how they can be used as a fantastic marketing tool.

In addition, we saw 68% of groups going through the snow globe take-up the offer of purchasing additional photographs, which goes to show how happy customers were with our finished product.

Group and Footfall Stats

Our snowglobe serviced 2,105 groups over 30-days at The Pavilions. In total 2,516 adults and 3,676 children passed through the attraction during our operating period. On average the experience serviced 70 groups per day, while at peak times we saw a maximum of 171 groups as above. The team managed a peak throughout of 19 customer groups per hour at our very busiest times.


We printed 5,276 photographs during our operating period at The Pavilions in 2015. Breaking this down, 2,105 (40%) were ‘free’ photographs given away with entry, 2,306 (43%) were ‘extra’ photographs purchased and the remaining 865 (17%) photographs were printed for use as inserts within products, such as our novelty snowglobes, keyrings and magnets.

Based on the number of groups that went through the whole experience and number of photographs printed, we effectively saw 68% of the groups going through the Snowglobe purchasing at least one extra photograph or product, which illustrates how customers must have loved the photos we presented to them as they then chose to purchase extra.


In addition to photo packages, we sold standalone products which included snowglobes, keyrings, magnets and USB sticks. We combined all these into our ‘Family’, ‘Mega’ and ‘Ultra’ deals. Standalone products equated to around 27% of total sales revenue generated.

On the 17th December we introduced magnets to our product mix, as well as a new ‘Ultra’ deal which sold at £25 and included the combination of Prints, USB, snowglobes, magnets and keyrings. Once it was introduced, the ‘Ultra’ deal contributed towards 10% of the total sales revenue between 17/12 – 27/12 which was a great success. The ‘Ultra’ deal enabled shoppers to spend over the normal spending threshold, which illustrates how much customers were invested in the whole Snowglobe event.

Customer Feedback

From the results, we discovered 65% of customers found out about the Snowglobe by simply ‘walking past’ the attraction, 21% found out through word of mouth, 6% was due to ‘other’ ways such as being a returning customer, and the remainder was other forms of advertising. Word of mouth was much higher than other sites around the country (the normal is 8-10%) and shows that shoppers were coming to the centre specifically to enjoy the Snowglobe experience.

In terms of customer reaction to the Snowglobe itself, 70% rated it ‘excellent’, 23% ‘very good’, 4% ‘good’ and 1% ‘average’. The fact that 93% of our customers rated the Snowglobe ‘Very Good’ and above, we think is a resounding vote of confidence in the Snowglobe and the winter set.

Looking at our staff, 92% of customers rated them ‘Very Good’ or above, with only 1% of customers rating them ‘average’. The photographs, which are arguably the most important part of the whole experience as they give people something to treasure at Christmas, were rated 84% ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ while 7% of customers rated our photos ‘good’. This means 91% of our customers rated the Snowglobe photos above average.

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